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Adaptive Marksmanship

Adaptive Marksmanship is a patented process where software systems deliver individualized training across a synthetic firing line, without an expert trainer being present. Methods developed over years collaborating with the world's best operators have led to processes that can logically guide marksmen at relevant levels of difficulty without the overhead cost associated with trainers onsite. 

These Adaptive Marksmanship processes are designed to remediate or accelerate marksman through performance trend data analysis and Intelligent Triggering™.  As a marksman grows and matures or degrades after a prolonged injury or deployment, the Software System will recognize physical and performance attribute changes and expand or contract the training agenda accordingly.




See First, React First, Hit First

Pro-Sports Science Applied to
Individual and Squad Training


Machine Learning, Intelligence, Adaptive Marksmanship, Intelligent Tutor, Corrective Path.

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