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Conflict Kinetics Corporation
22977 Eaglewood Court
Suite 160
Sterling, VA 20166

Phone: 571-313-0117
Fax: 703-935-4256



Capabilities of CK

1.Rifle Marksmanship (Including BRM)
2.Advanced Individual Marksmanship
3.Close Quarters Marksmanship/ Close Quarters Battle/ Close Quarters Combat
4.Athlete Warrior (Elevated Heart Rate / Circuit / Adrenalin Saturation)
5.Mindset of the Warrior (Thinking, Confidence, Customized Tactics)
6.Ocular development techniques for weapons training
7.Squad Training (Communication and Movement)
8.Threat/No Threat Recognition
9.Crew Serve Weapon Applications (New Program!)
10.Customized Immersive Learning Programs
11.Room Entry Training
12.Rapid Qualifications
13.Immediate Remediation

A Retro-Fit Transforms Existing Space into a PlusLifeSpeed™ Overload Tactical Training Environment for the Squad.


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