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Gunfighter Laboratory

Conflict Kinetics (CK) offers a unique and proven solution for testing and evaluating (T&E) individual and squad level capabilities in the areas of combat readiness, cognitive agility, sports vision and central nervous system reaction. CK’s Gun Fighter Laboratory(GFL) proprietary metric platform is a radically different approach to using “Simulation, Virtual, Live, Gaming and Mixed Augmented Reality.” The GFL has been designed and utilized across DoD and DoJ as a platform capable of creating a “Baseball card for shooters”. Whether the goal is to capture EKG, EEG, visual acuity, or decision latency, the GFL allows the T&E team to plug and play third party medical devices as well as query over 70 points of data per event relating to both the shooters physical attributes as well as their performance on the various purpose built task criteria.

Past Performance:
NHRC- Naval Health Research Center



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