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SeaPort-e Quality Assurance Program

The goal of our Quality Management Program is producing high quality deliverables the first time, every time. While that is not always possible, our program of continuous improvement results in documented guidance for all levels of performance. Therefore, we focus on the processes by which functional quality requirements are applied to tasks by our personnel, the in-process reviews by our Project Management Team for conformance to requirements and production quality reviews by our Quality Assurance Team prior to delivery.

At the highest of levels, Quality Management involves planning, doing, checking, and acting to improve project quality standards. PMI PMBOK breaks the practice of Quality Management into three process groups: Quality Planning (QP), Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC). Over the top of these process groups is a continuous improvement process by planning, doing, checking and acting to improve project quality. At the basic level, our approach to improve quality is simple:

Planning Assess the project’s current level of quality, where the level needs to be, and then developing an effective and workable plan with specific targets for improving quality.
Doing Implement the planned solution or change.
Checking Reviews and evaluates the results of the implemented changes and its affect on project quality to ensure that there are no negative consequences.
Acting Takes action based on what was learned from implementing and
evaluating the planned change. Continue repeating the cycle until the project quality objectives are achieved.

This approach is outlined in our Quality Management Program (QMP), which details the processes and methodology by which a high level of quality will be maintained throughout for all deliverables and services. The QMP is an integral part of our Program Management Plan. Our QMP describes how quality will be managed throughout the contract life cycle. It also includes processes and procedures for ensuring quality planning, assurance and control are all conducted. All stakeholders are identified and are made aware of how quality will be planned, assured and controlled. This ensures that the highest quality products and services are provided and documented.

Our PM evaluates performance in accordance with the Quality Control Plan (QCP). This plan defines how the performance standards will be applied, the frequency of surveillance, and the minimum acceptable level standard for each performance requirement. CK will track each contract deliverable for timeliness of delivery and nonconformance with contract requirements (e.g., any defects or deficiencies in products). Any problem reported in the Monthly Status Report will be assessed to determine whether the root cause was attributable to action or inaction by CK; these problems will be independently evaluated by CK corporate Quality Manager to determine how to improve the quality of product or service delivery. Customer satisfaction is also a critical quality metric; a CK executive will meet with customers to assess project performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

Controlling quality of our service delivery is the responsibility of our Quality Manager, who will perform reviews, spot audits, and inspections of deliverables, documentation and process conformance. CK’s corporate Quality Manager will regularly review our adherence to the task order performance standards; any performance issues identified will be directed to our PM to identify the cause and correct the deficiency.

To measure performance, CK will adopt the performance metrics identified with the customer. Our PM uses contract deliverable reports to monitor contractual compliance with these measures. Performance issues will be escalated to our PM and an action plan to resolve any deficiencies is developed and discussed with the customer. CK personnel are trained on processes and procedures to ensure quality and to meet the performance goals.

CK reviews the project quality control plan annually and updates it as needed. We capture lessons learned as a part of continuing quality management efforts at the end of each program phase and use it to improve quality program standards. This plan contains a revision history log. When changes occur, we update the version number to the next increment. This process is followed whether the deliverable is installation and operation of systems, training or service delivery.

A good quality program reduces risk, but does not eliminate it. Our PMs must know the performance requirements and are prepared to enact corrective action whenever necessary. For highly technical problems, we go outside to get expert advice. We make any necessary changes to our processes to correct deficiencies and to train or re-train team personnel so that future performance reflects the improvements and success will be repeated on similar tasks, achieving a repeatable process across the company.



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