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Synthetic Marksmanship Training ™

Our Synthetic Marksmanship Training™ (SMT) program incorporates the process of training using customized non-real stimulus, in order to build real world skills.  SMT by Conflict Kinetics consists of electronic dynamic targeting software systems that serve as a synthetic version of real targets.  These targets have all the value of real targets, with added behaviors such as interactivity, immediate response, movement, timing, variable hit, drill down, etc.  These dynamic targets allow true skill building - in addition to test taking preparation for quals - more quickly than with other targeting systems.  When used with laser converted weapons, safety and cost saving benefits apply. 

Synthetic Training is often confused with simulation.  While simulation focuses on replicating real world environments, often with a focus on graphics and game engines, synthetic training focuses on purpose built training curriculum to develop specific skills.




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